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What is the best way to acquire digital business cards on my mobile?

To create and acquire digital business cards on your smartphone, download the free Cardiast app for iOS or Android. To obtain a card, launch the Cardiast app and scan the other user's QR code using the business card scanner. Digital business cards can also be sent to your smartphone by email, text, social networks, and other methods.

What is a digital/virtual business card?

Your contact details are always updated on digital/virtual business cards. Cardiast is a savvy business card, which means that any modifications you do to your Cardiast card will instantly be sent to all of your Cardiast contacts.

Is it secure to use digital cards?

The digital business cards produced and delivered by Cardiast are fully secure. You can modify and update information on your business card at any moment since it is totally customizable.

How can I share my digital business card with someone?

A digital business card can be sent in a number of different ways. You can share your business card with Cardiast by scanning the QR code or sending it via email, SMS, WhatsApp, online networks, and much more.

What purpose does a digital business card serve?

Individuals from all around the globe utilize digital business cards to convey contact details. Digital business cards are famous at seminars and meetings, but they are also employed in both corporate and personal situations.

Why should I use Cardiast?

A digital business card is required for everybody! Individuals across the world prefer Cardiast's digital business cards because they're environmentally suitable, personalized, and can be exchanged with others, anytime.

What are the benefits of a digital business card?

Using a Cardiast, on the other hand, makes it easier than ever to leave a genuine initial impact, promote your brand, and connect with your customers and possible business leads.

Is it possible for me to have more than one card?

You can definitely have several cards, and all you have to do is create another card with a unique look and information. Also, before you share your digital business card, make sure to select the correct one for you.


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